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2016 - That's how the cookie crumbled ...


So, it's been nearly a year? 

My resolutions and good intentions don't seem to count for much, do they?

All I can say is that stuff happened. And look marginally shame-faced, at least. 

Anyway, if there is anyone left to read this, I thought I'd pop by, wish you a Happy New 2017, and show a few highlights of our 2016. 

It's been a busy - and complex - year.

Our coffee shop is still there, nestled in the heart of Whitchurch in Cardiff.

We still specialise in artisan cakes and sweet treats (yeah - get me - I think I've started to value my 'talent' sufficiently to call it artisan). 

We do other things though, such as paninis and home made soup, and aim to use local Welsh food producers where we can. Our bread is from Brutons - one of the oldest bakeries in Cardiff - and our meat comes from a farm in the Vale of Glamorgan sold at our local butcher. I use Bacheldre Mill flour for baking. Welsh and proud.  All good, all good.

We've continued to receive fantastic…

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